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An Undercover Volunteer Spotlight

For years, we've honored the many, many people who help Illinois Legal Aid Online keep its legal resources up to date and accurate for the 3+ million users who turn to us for help. You've seen their names on rosters and contributor lists. You may have even run into them at a Volunteer Appreciation Event or two. But they aren't the only ones who have lent their blood, sweat and tears to our cause.

See All That is New (Before Everyone Else!)

Readers of this blog have been very patient for the past 20 months, since ILAO announced that it was completely transforming its technology platform, websites and mobile apps. Well, your patience is soon to be rewarded! ILAO is in the final stretch of this big project, and will launch its brand spanking new website on July 25.

Are you dying to know what it is going to look like? Can't wait to learn how it will work? Want to learn what is in it for you? Of course you do!