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June 24
Mortgage Foreclosure eLearning Curriculum

June 25
Enlace Community Activism Clinic DACA Workshop with the Mexican Consulate

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Resources for Senior Attorneys Volunteer Opportunities  

Pro Bono Opportunities for Senior Attorneys
Explains the need as well as the "how to" for senior attorneys to get involved in pro bono work.

Senior Lawyers and Pro Bono Projects
Describes senior lawyer pro bono projects such as examples of existing projects, how to set up a new project, and solutions to potential barriers to such projects.

Pro Bono and Financial Contributions for Illinois Supreme Court Rule 756(f)
Information for attorneys about how to get involved in pro bono legal service and/or make a financial contribution.

What Constitutes Pro Bono Work?
Describes what activities are considered pro bono legal services and which ones are not.

Questions To Ask Before You Take A Pro Bono Case Or Project
A list of questions is provided to ask before taking a pro bono case.

Bridging the Gap - Tips for Pro Bono Volunteers Assisting Low-Income Clients
Provides helpful tips and describes issues pro bono volunteers may encounter when assisting low-income clients.

Intake Attorney
Administer Justice
Posted: 11/04/2015

Representation in Litigation and Non-Litigation Matters
Administer Justice
Posted: 11/04/2015

SNAP Pro Bono Project
LAF (Legal Assistance Foundation)
Posted: 07/07/2015

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